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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. So I know a lot of you are still trying to eat healthy and keep our new year’s resolutions. And usually by the end of January it gets harder and harder. So I wanted to give you two meals today that will help you cook once and eat twice. So I’m gonna show you a really simple dinner recipe and then you’re gonna use the leftovers for simple and healthy lunch.

So let begin with the vegetables. And right now all of the rainbow cauliflower is coming into season, and I just think it is so beautiful. So this is real easy. There’s hardly even any measurements. You’re gonna love this because basically we are using our sheet pan as our guide.

And once the tray is filled up, then stop because you wanna make sure you don’t crowd the tray because they’re going to roast better if you give them just a little bit of room. Okay, so the secret to roasting all of these different vegetables at the same time is to cut them a little bit differently depending upon their density.

So the cauliflower is probably gonna cook the quickest. So we are gonna keep it the largest. There we go.

Probably like, you know, something like that. The funny thing is it doesn’t really taste any different than regular cauliflower. So it’s just the color, but have to imagine with all this color, there must be a ton of nutrients in it. Our next vegetable is our sweet potatoes. So I typically use four of these small sweet potatoes here.

If you can only get the big kind, then just use two. I’ve peeled them and now I’m gonna chop them. The best way to go is to chop them like little cubes like this. This is the most dense vegetable you’re gonna use. So it’ll probably take the longest to cook but if you keep them small, they’ll cook a lot quicker and catch up to the cauliflower.

Okay, now our third power vegetable Brussels sprouts which are quite tasty when roasted. So if you don’t really like Brussels sprouts I promise you’ll like them this way. If you’re able to get the large Brussels sprouts, you can just cut off the little ends there and then cut them in half and then cut them in quarters. That way they’ll also cook at the same rate as the other vegetables.

And if there’s any cut side of the vegetable, make sure that you put that down.

That way that it’ll just get nice and crispy, all set. Isn’t that pretty, look how beautiful. You know what they say, eat the rainbow when you’re trying to eat better. And I think we’ve definitely got that covered. So we are gonna be roasting these vegetables at 475 degrees Fahrenheit which is a pretty high temperature.

That’s why I like the avocado spray because it has a low smoke point. So you’re not gonna smoke up your oven. Like you might with olive oil, then we are gonna season with a little bit of salt and pepper. And then one other thing I like to add to this, is a little bit of turmeric.

So if you haven’t cooked with turmeric before, it actually doesn’t have like a very strong flavor it has a savory flavor profile but has a ton of health benefits.

And I’ll leave you a link in the description if you wanna know what they are. So I just sort of put it in a lot of things that I’m cooking, where it doesn’t really matter. People aren’t gonna taste it, just to get the health benefits, right? We gotta get it where we can get it toss these up to make sure that they’re coated with all the seasoning and the oil, give them a shake. And then in, they go 475 for about 20 minutes or so, while our veggies are in the oven, now we can prepare our salmon.

So I have four salmon filets. So I’m gonna cook two for dinner and then save the other two for lunch. So if you’re trying to feed more than two people you can definitely cook more salmon. And then all we’re gonna do is season our salmon with a little bit of salt and a little bit of freshly cracked pepper. And then you wanna heat a non-stick skillet.

So I have to say, I recently just discovered the green pan. I know, where have I been? Everybody’s been using them, but my non-stick skillets were starting to chip, you know when that happens and I just thought, oh, this is not good. So I got these aren’t they snazzy, it comes at a set, Food 52, I’ll leave you the link if you wanna know where to get one, but I’m telling you, I love them. And the colors are so pretty, with the fancy gold handle, isn’t it nice?

Cook Once, Eat Twice: Healthy Dinner + Lunch

The thing with these pans is you don’t need to put a lot of oil in it. In fact, they say not to use the spray on these pans ’cause it can leave a residue. So I’m not gonna do that. I am going to use just a little bit of coconut oil just because I love to sear fish like this in coconut oil because you just get the best color on it. So we are just gonna put like maybe half a teaspoon and we wanna make sure that the pan gets really hot and these pants heat up pretty quickly.

So we won’t take long. All right, so here we go with our fish. So this is a 12 inch skillet. I am gonna be able to fit my four pieces in here. And you just wanna have the skin side go up.

So the flesh side goes down just to get a nice sear. Okay, and then go ahead and sort of peek under it and you can start to see it becoming golden brown. That’s when you can flip it, see look at the beautiful color, it’s really the combination of the coconut oil and the green. I just think it works so well to get a beautiful sear, see no sticking. It’s like unbelievable.

Okay, then at this point, I like to pop it in the oven just to finish cooking just so that it’ll cook in a softer, more gentle feed in the oven, than something that’s really intense and directional like the cook top. So it’s only gonna take about three to four minutes, just until it’s pink and fully cooked inside. Okay, dinner is ready. So one thing I do like to do is cut an orange in half.

I have blood oranges here, but you can use oranges or even just a regular Naval oranges.

And then you just wanna squeeze a little bit of the juice on top of the fish. I find when you’re trying to eat healthy and you want a little bit of a sauce, but you don’t want something too fattening, a little bit of citrus goes a long way, especially with fish.

Then I’m gonna save the other half of the blood orange. And I’m gonna put it in a little container because we’re gonna use that tomorrow for our salad dressing. So I’m gonna show you that in a minute.

So then you can plate up your fish. This one looks delicious and then you can add a little bit of freshly chopped chives on top of the fish. Then you’re gonna put some of these beautiful vegetables on the side, and then here’s the even better part, the next day for lunch, watch how easy this is. So get yourself a big salad bowl and then get your triple washed greens. I’m using spinach because I think it’s a great combination with the salmon and another great combination with spinach is a little bit of goat cheese, just a spoonful and then a few pine nuts, which is also really good with the goat cheese and the spinach, then we have our beautiful roasted vegetables all ready to go and you can spoon some of those in, there’s something really great about chilled roasted vegetables and a salad.

So yummy, if you did wanna add a raw vegetable, I would highly recommend some cucumber because I think it’s a great combination with the salmon. Okay, then for our gorgeous salmon I think the best way to cut salmon like this that’s already cooked is just with two forks. Just kind of pull it apart, that will just preserve the flakiness of the fish. And I think it looks pretty when it’s kind of nice rustic chunks. Now, could this get any more delicious?

Yes, it can, there’s more. So now we have the fabulous salad. We need a fabulous dressing. That’s just as easy. You’re gonna take about a table spoon of Dijon mustard.

Then we’re gonna use the other half of the blood orange, really any kind of acid.

You can use citrus juice, you can use a vinegar but I find with the fish, it’s such a delicate protein that you want a very light dressing and this is going to create such a beautiful combination of flavors with the fish. Okay, then we are going to add a little bit of grape seed oil. So I typically do about six tablespoons there, and I just kinda keep going until I get enough dressing. So as you add more oil, it’ll sort of take the flavors down a little bit.

So if you taste it and you think it’s too tart, just keep adding the more oil.

There we go. That looks pretty good. Then you can go back to the chives that you had last night, snip some more, and you can add that to the dressing as well. You can also add a little bit of salt, little bit of pepper and basically that’s it.

Your dressing is done. Well I hope you guys enjoy these recipes. I hope it makes your life a little bit easier but not to worry, we’ll have some sweet treats come February because you know, Valentine’s day’s coming up and we gotta do chocolate something, right? All right you guys, let me know if you like this format and if so, we’ll do some more, until next time.

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